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Each package includes full printing rights and high-resolution files of every image in your digital gallery (which is stored in the cloud for 10 YEARS!) This means you can print and share as often as you want.  The most important thing to me is that you get photos worth sharing and printing, which is why I also include an engagement session (to get you ready!), an assistant photographer, and FULL DAY Coverage (to capture everything!).  



ALL IN FOR $3200


My Philosophy

When you book me for your wedding photography, you aren’t just getting a random person who shows up the day-of and creeps around in the shadows. You’re getting someone who genuinely cares about the outcome of your photos. When I’m shooting a wedding, I am there. I’m not just standing in the corner, daydreaming.  I've worked with so many couples since I started in 2012,  and I still have trouble sleeping the night before the wedding. Not because I’m worried or stressed out,  but because

I am so excited to start the day! I’ll be there for moments that some of your own family members will miss, and I don’t want to waste that! Plus, It’s impossible not to absorb some of the feelings from the day.  So if you see me furiously wiping at my face during toasts, it’s because I’ve come to know you and feel so happy that you’ve found love. I’ve collected so many memories, and it’s because I truly feel like I am at a friend’s wedding every time. Or so I hope…I hate to be that “will you be my friend?!” girl, but I mean…..probably.