meet lindsey, owner and photographer at L.A.R. weddings

photographer, artist, storyteller.

creating a piece of art that is distinct to you

I promise to go above & beyond to create a gallery of photographs that you truly love. And with over 300 weddings under my belt, I feel confident saying that I can do that for you - no matter how awkward you feel, I will capture you in your best light and set you at ease throughout the process. 

My goal as a wedding photographer is to not only capture the moment, but to dress it up, add depth, and create a piece of art that is distinct to you. I hope to create images for you that are bright, romantic, and full of depth. Depth in a photo forces the viewer to explore the image rather than just observe it— to stop and look at it just a little bit longer and in the process, transforming it into a piece of art.

xo, Lindsey

getting to know me

Beyond photography, you should know I believe in magic...

the experience

I have serious wanderlust and a bad case of the Swifties. I solo-travel a lot and I love to go hiking. I love dogs (especially my own, Enzo and Shepherd), I read and listen to audio books non-stop. I love Grey’s Anatomy. I’m a sucker for twinkle lights, anything that glitters, and all things nature. If you enjoy any of these things I’ll love you, too. 
And yes, I’m in my 30’s and still believe in magic! Not the Harry Potter kind (although that would be wonderful), but the first-dance, first-kiss, first day of the rest of your lives kind of magic that Taylor Swift is always singing about. 

at the core of who I am...

i believe in Dependability and trust

In all my years shooting weddings and engagement sessions: I've never shown up late. I've never missed a deadline. I've never lost someone's wedding photos. I've never shown up at the wrong location. I've never missed the "first kiss" or any other key wedding day moments. I show up no matter, with a smile on my face ready to serve.


I invest in the best equipment that is available - from the cameras themselves to my editing software, every aspect of my business is geared toward a luxury experience. 


Yearly, I dedicate time to improving my craft and learning new techniques. I've been to conferences all over the US, taught by internationally-recognized wedding and celebrity wedding photographers. I can guarantee that if you like my work now you'll like it even more the next time you see it! 

An eye for details

In photographs, the smallest misplaced detail can ruin the magic (Like a hair-tie on the wrist!) and it's my mission to find and remove any distractions before we take the photo. You won't have to worry about your strap falling down, or a piece of leftover confetti stuck in your hair. I pay attention to the details so your photographs are flawless. 


The photos you receive will forge new memories, and will often be the last best picture you have of someone you love. 

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