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Hello and Welcome

Hi! I’m Lindsey! I am a (very passionate) wedding photographer in Canfield, Ohio happily serving Youngstown, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and beyond. And when I say beyond I mean it! I love to travel and have shot weddings and engagement sessions all over the US, including San Diego, San Fransisco, Dallas, Las Vegas, Seattle, Florida, New York,  and most recently Hawaii!! Wedding Photography is my full-time job and all I want to do in life is take pretty pictures of people in love.


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Meet Lindsey

I have serious wanderlust and a BAD case of the #Swifties. I love to travel, I love to take pictures, I love my dogs Pedal & Enzo, I love to read and listen to Audio books, I love Grey's Anatomy and I especially love Taylor Swift.  And TWINKLE LIGHTS.  And honestly, probably everything else on a list of "things basic girls love". If you enjoy any of these things I'll love you, too.  



For the Romantic & Dreamy

I love working with couples who can appreciate my hopelessly romantic heart and trust that I’ll go to great lengths to capture a moment. If you tear up easily, aren’t afraid to show emotion or snuggle up together, and truly believe that wedding photos can preserve a memory, then we’re probably a great fit. I really do LOVE love, and I want to work with couples who are just as excited about wedding photos as I am (which is pretty hard to beat, but let’s make it a challenge?)