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Hello and Welcome

Hi! I’m Lindsey! I am a [very passionate] wedding photographer in Canfield, Ohio happily serving Youngstown, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and beyond. And when I say beyond I mean it! I love to travel and have shot weddings and engagement sessions all over the US, including San Diego, Dallas, Las Vegas, Seattle, Florida, and New York. Wedding Photography is my full-time job and all I want to do in life is take pretty pictures of people in love. So whether you’re planning a traditional Catholic wedding in Youngstown or eloping in Red Rock Canyon National Park, I promise that if I’m your wedding photographer I will find the beauty in every moment of your day and give you a collection of wedding photographs that you truly love.


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Meet Lindsey

I have serious wanderlust and a BAD case of the #Swifties. I love to travel, I love to take pictures, I love my dogs Pedal & Enzo, I love to read and listen to Audio books, I love Grey's Anatomy and I especially love Taylor Swift.  And TWINKLE LIGHTS.  And honestly, probably everything else on a list of "things basic girls love". If you enjoy any of these things I'll love you, too.  



For the Romantic & Dreamy

I love working with couples who can appreciate my hopelessly romantic heart and trust that I’ll go to great lengths to capture a moment. If you tear up easily, aren’t afraid to show emotion or snuggle up together, and truly believe that wedding photos can preserve a memory, then we’re probably a great fit. I really do LOVE love, and I want to work with couples who are just as excited about wedding photos as I am (which is pretty hard to beat, but let’s make it a challenge?)