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Meet Lindsey

Photographer, artist, storyteller.

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Meet Lindsey…

Growing up, I wanted to be a photographer for National Geographic. I have always been drawn to photographs and their ability to preserve a memory. When I am shooting a wedding, the photojournalist in me sees a moment and wants to share it with the world, while the romantic part is spinning tales of love. I truly think that a photograph can capture bits of magic we miss.

And yes, I'm 33 years old and still believe in magic! Not the Harry Potter kind (although that would be awesome), but the first-dance, first-kiss, first-day of your lives kind of magic.



I'm 30 years old and still believe in magic.



I'm a

Photographer, artist, and storyteller...

and I am really passionate about shooting weddings: I promise to go above & beyond to create a gallery of photos that you truly love.  I believe that wedding photography isn’t just a day-of service. It starts from the moment you book, and throughout your engagement I make myself available to help with everything from outfit choices to wedding day logistics. All I want is to give you beautiful photos, and I put in all the leg-work to make that happen.

My style is bright, romantic, bold, and full of depth.  I believe that depth in a photo forces the viewer to explore the image rather than just observe it, transforming it into a piece of art. My goal as a wedding photographer is to not only capture the moment, but to dress it up, add depth, and create a piece of art that is distinct to you.

I believe in love and have been chasing it since I was 11.  I heard somewhere once that to be a true expert in something you must study that subject for at least 10,000 hours. If you combined all the movies, the thousands of romance books i’ve read, and every love song I’ve ever listened to…I think you can definitely deem me an expert in love. Coupled with my photographic talent. I’d say that I am uniquely qualified to capture and share your love story.


My philosophy

Why I love shooting weddings...